Sydney – a canvas of light

VIVID Sydney kicked off last friday with a bang. The artists are back transforming the city with colour, creativity and inspiration.

This is Sydneys biggest explosion of light and talent. From kiddies to grandparents everyone can appreciate the imagination and mastery that is involved with VIVID!

With over 25 local and international musicians, global creative thinkers and artists, this is an event not to be missed!

Lights are on from 24 May – 10 June 2013

If you need a break from the crazy crowds or just feel like a cheeky cocktail or some chicken lollipops, come and visit us!

Who is Margarita?

A Spanish Housemaid? A cheese and tomato pizza? Or a cocktail?

The very mention of which takes you instantly to the idea of a frozen, slushy style citrus drink with a blue umbrella in it, which you are sipping through a pink straw whilst languishing in the white sand on a tropical beach in Acapulco. As you squint at the suns refection on the azure sea in front of you, Fernando gets you a refill and the only mind-bending dilemma you have to contemplate is whether to read another page of your book or take a dip to cool off.

When a voice mentions that the cocktail is made with tequila, you are suddenly transported back to the bar. The nauseating memory of a mis-spent shooter haunts your nostrils whilst the sting of lemon and salt on your lips makes you look like a bulldog chewing a wasp. You put your hand up and opt for the ever popular Mojito. Well, the aforementioned beach in Mexico wouldn’t have been far wrong. Amongst a lot of conjecture, the most popular story of the invention of the Margarita comes from 1948 and the history of a popular socialite from Dallas called Margarita Sames. She had a holiday home in Acapulco and used to dabble in various concoctions behind her bar. The combination of Tequila, Cointreau and lime was a winner and clearly stuck. The Margarita is still the top selling cocktail in the world thanks to the US (closely pursued by the Mojito of course).

It is no longer 1948 and life in the city can be hectic. Take it easy on yourself, order a ‘Paloma’ and let Fernando (all of our bartenders are called Fernando) serve you our take on the Spanish classic ‘Dove’ cocktail. Our olive branch of peace to all is made with tequila, but gently, and charged with a fizzy, frozen, pink grapefruit juice for you to sip on and fly away.

If that doesn’t suit, order a couple of shots of the Sangrita, with tomato, pomegranate and a fresh oyster and just take your partner home instead.

World Cocktail Week

Celebrate World Cocktail Week at The Morrison

Enjoy a Flight of New York Style Cocktails matched with canapes.

“Classic Champagne Cocktail” matched with Oyster
“Aviation” matched with Beetroot Cured Gravlax of Salmon
“Old Fashioned” matched with Chocolate Pot with Pistachio Biscotti

$50 per head.
Offer available from 6th May – 20th May