Dude Food

Dude food. Bro snacks. Man grub… Call it what you like, molecular gastronomy it ain’t.

It should be food that basically tastes as good as you want it, no matter what the fat, cholesterol or caloric content

Sean Connolly has put his talents to work to bring you a delicious dude food dish – Beef & Guinness pie with Duck Fat chips.

We are offering this tasty option during all State of Origin and Lions tour games during June & July!

Wacky Winter Sports

During winter most of us want to hide out in our winter woollies and eat delicious warm food! But some people also enjoy wacky winter sports like shovel racing!

Shovel racing began in the 1970’s when ski lift operators were looking for a quick way to get down the slopes once the lifts closed.

But after realising how much fun they were having, shovel races then began to take place across the world on modified shovels that can reach speeds of up to 97 km/h.

If you need a break after your winter sports or just a warm place to wind down, we have an open fire place with your name on it!

Orgy of Mushrooms!

Have you ever wondered how long humans have been eating fungi? Are you just a fun guy?

Historians can tell us that humans have been gobbling down these culinary cuties since prehistoric times, for edible, medicinal and in later years recreational purposes.

It is well known that mushrooms can get a little pricey, such as the Japanese matsutake and its European brethren, the oronge have always been astronomically priced and esteemed. Just a pound of the matsutake mushroom can set you back up to $2000!

Hooked on the idea of mushrooms? Come and try out our brand new dish “Orgy of Mushrooms” which is made up of sauteed mushrooms (Shimeji, Oki, Portabello, Field) fresh made potato gnocchi and parsley.