Meet Our Oyster Farmers!

John and Ben Ralston are 5th generation oyster farmers from Ralston Bros Oyster on the Clyde river in Batemans Bay – 4 hours south of Sydney. The Ralston family has over 140 years of oyster farming history and the boys have been taking boats out in the river since they could walk. “I remember dad giving me my first row boat and telling me I was only allowed to stay out the front of his shed. I would always sneak down the river only to be towed back to the shed by another passing oyster farmer “ – Ben Ralston

The Ralston Bros business has come a long way and we are lucky enough to be the first restaurant in Sydney to be buying both brands the Le Petit Waterfall Oyster and The Waterfall
Oyster. The Ralston brothers finish their oysters in a special ways to achieve an amazing flavour. The method used to finish their oysters is a family secret and we couldn’t sweet talk the brothers enough into spilling the beans. So you will have to come and try them for yourself! Ralston Bros Waterfall Oysters are finished in the freshest oceanic water that comes into the Clyde River giving a fresh crisp taste. And The Le Petit Waterfall Oysters are finished in the river where the fresh Clyde Mountain water mixes with the oceanic salt water to give a sweet creamy flavour.The Brothers have shown us their amazing family history and their brand shines through the Ralston Bros Oysters logo. This is a photo the boys took of their father driving down the river.

The Mojito!

The Mojito is an old classic drink, which creator isn’t quite clear. In short, two theories who claim to got it right. One claims is was inventet amongs black slaves back in the early days of USA, where the slaves used a predecessor of the rum we know today. The other theory claims that the first mojito was made on one of the expedition back in the columbus days, whicht came popular amount the seamen , since they had nothing else to drink than rum. Regardless of who invented the mojito, we are truly greatfull!

We have delicious Mojitos which are $10 in the Parlour Bar Every day!

Serrano Jamon

Jamón serrano is a type of jamón, which is generally served in thin slices, or occasionally diced. The majority of serrano hams are made from the landrace breed of white pig and are not to be confused with the much more expensive jamón ibérico

Come and try our Serrano Jamon (pictured) mmmm…

Good Food Month!

In October, Sydney and regional NSW will see the return of the much-loved The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month, with events popping up in Canberra and Brisbane too. And stand by for the brand-new The Age Good Food Month across Melbourne and regional Victoria, in November.

The Morrison is proud to be apart of Australia’s largest food festival! We are taking part in breakfast madness, lets do lunch and bar hop!

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Brand New Draught Cocktail!!

What do you think when you here the word draught? A cold breeze, a large mug, a chess board? Put your brains to rest, we now have a delicious cocktail to put a stop to all the confusion!

From the depths of The Morrison cellar comes this powerful beverage; Beefeater gin, camomile, pink grapefruit, triple citrus syrup & soda.

Our Brand New Draught Cocktail is called “The Morrison Punch”

Cold, delectable and served (responsibly) everday!

Spring Has Sprung!

Who is ready to soak in the sun and smell the flowers?

For some people spring is their favourite time of the year for a number of reasons:

1) If you stand at the equator on the first day of spring, you will see the sun pass directly over head.

2) Spring Fever is not just a myth – the body may experience physiological changes due to changes in diet, hormone production and temperature.

3) Daylight Savings Time saves approximately 1% of electricity a day. It all adds up!

4) The Morrison has a brand new Cocktail menu ready to be tested during long lunches and Sunny afternoons!