Deconstructing the Double Dirty

All burger fans would agree, bigger is always better! There’s nothing worse than tucking into that juicy, cheesy two-hander, only to hoover up the last bite and have hunger pangs still kicking in. But the solution has arrived. There’s a new addition to the Parlour Burger menu to help hungry hamburger hounds, the Dirty Burger has gone large! You can now double up your Parlour Burger favourite and enjoy twice as much of that juicy dry-aged beef and cheesy beer sauce. But what goes into the Double Dirty to make it such a winner? It’s time to delve deeper into this dirty delight!
The perfect Double Dirty starts with the meat. Dry-aged beef from the Riverina region of NSW is blended with prime cuts, so that the nutty, buttery flavour of aged beef still shines through. Burgers made with aged meat are making big in-roads into the New York burger scene, and the power of a bit of aged funk in a patty is now something sought out by burger fiends. Luckily, the Double Dirty has two of these beefy beauties to wrap your laughing gear around.
Next, the cheesy beer sauce. If cheese maketh the burger, this devilish combo is the pièce de résistance of all that is Double Dirty. Crisp, dry lager, tasty cheese, and a bevy of mustards and spices are blended into a cheese lover’s dream, and top the dry aged beef patties like an oozy, golden crown.
A burger wouldn’t be complete without pickles, and when it comes to pickles, there’s nothing better than homemade. Sean Connolly spices things up with tumeric, mustard seeds, star anise and peppercorns amongst others in his arsenal of dried and ground flavour-makers, ensuring the pickles pop. Streaky bacon is the final feature, sitting between the buttery meat patties and adding a sliver of saltiness to the burger mix. And so, the filling of the Double Dirty is complete.
But what vehicle to strap the meaty, cheesy treat into, to drive this burger to even greater heights? It could be nothing but a soft brioche bun. The enriched, milky crumb holding the filling together with finesse, allowing the flavours to fuse and letting you devour this delicious decadence at it’s dirty best.
The Double Dirty is available dine-in or takeaway at Parlour Burger now!