Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!

The Most Wonderful Time Of Year

Every year, somewhere in between a mini-break to Bali and planning our Halloween costumes – we start the inevitable countdown to Christmas. Whether you’re ready for it or not, your local supermarket is playing Christmas carols on a loop and you find yourself stock piling boxes of Roses chocolates just in case Aunty Jan and Uncle Lance drop in for a cuppa.

Here at The Morrison, we begin our Christmas planning in much the same way (albeit minus the impulse purchases and panic attacks at the sight of giant candy canes). We like to keep our Christmas simple using an old fashioned recipe of good food, good wine and great company!

It starts with a POP! Kick off your celebration, big or small, with a glass of bubbly! Preferably something French such as Piper-Heidsieck Brut, the perfect aperitif said to taste like the stars…


Many Oysters make much love… We say it a lot, and we seriously mean it! These mollusc morsels are delicious all year round, harvested from around the beautiful coastlines of Australia and freshly shucked before arriving at the table. The festive season is no exception, our oysters are served au natural in the shell and pair perfectly with a glass of Piper…


A Feast for a King! It’s no secret by the end of the year we deserve a treat and that means a break from the kitchen! Gather your favourite colleagues or friends and book a Feast Menu at The Morrison. For only $75 pp you will be treated to a generous 4-course meal, complete with Steak Tartare, Crab Tacos & Oysters, slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder with our infamous Duck Fat Chips. Add a bottle (or two) of wine, share your best Dad-joke with the table and your Christmas is complete!

Sign off with a Snowball… It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tipple of brandy, we mix Hennessy VS with maple syrup, vanilla & cinnamon sugar, lemon juice and egg white – the result is a creamy sweet punch with hints of your Nana’s Christmas pudding. Warm and gently spiced, the ultimate way to end your night!

Book your Christmas Feast with us today! 

Vacay Your Way!


Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention please!

Our Executive Chef Sean Connolly is giving you the opportunity to vacay your way and go into the draw to win the ultimate Byron Bay weekend, or a super chic Sydney staycation!

You’ve got to be in it to win, so get clicking. Share the competition with you friends on social media, and you’ll score extra entries.

Here is what’s up for grabs – get clicking!

Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

Cooking with The Morrison & Sean Connolly

While we’re on the Oyster Festival rollercoaster we thought it would be a fun to share one of our most popular dishes – the Oyster Rockefeller. Once considered a luxury, the humble oyster is widely enjoyed across the country in restaurants, served by the dozen on trays lined with crushed ice and rock salt. Or bought directly from the fish market so oyster lovers can enjoy these mollusc morsels at home, entertaining dinner party guests with their shucking skills while sipping on a glass of Champagne.

BalconyByronOysterFestivalMany oysters make much love… photos by @amytakessnaps

We encourage everyone to have a go at preparing oysters at home, there is nothing more satisfying than shucking your own fresh oyster, creating a zingy mignonette and serving on a bed of ice with lemon wedges. Some oyster enthusiasts prefer to eat theirs au naturale, savouring the delicate meat, taking note of the complex mineral tones and the salty liquor. But if you’re new to the oyster craze, or simply want to try something deliciously different, look no further than our Oysters Rockefeller

The Morrison/OystersRockefeller

Although the original recipe a closely guarded secret by the restaurant Antoine’s in New Orleans named after the richness of the sauce, here at The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room we’ve created our own version of this delightful dish and would love to share it with you to try at home.


2 handfuls fresh spinach leaves
1 bunch watercress, bottoms removed from stalks
1/2 bunch Chinese shallots, chopped
1 clove of garlic
180g unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
1 cup fresh breadcrumbs
1 splash of Pernod
1 teaspoon fennel seeds, ground
1 teaspoon hot sauce – Tabasco

24 fresh oysters, shucked, shells reserved
100g freshly grated Parmesan cheese

250g packet of rock salt


Preheat oven to 250°C, as high possible. 
In a food processor place the spinach, shallots, garlic and watercress.
Pulse the processor until all ingredients are finely chopped.
Throw in breadcrumbs, ground fennel, butter, Pernod and hot sauce.
Process and pulse until mixtures are blended and season the mix to taste.  

Sprinkle rock salt over a large baking sheet and arrange the shucked oysters on the salt. Carefully spoon the dressing over the oysters. Sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan and bake until golden brown on top.

Serve on a bed of salt with lemon wedges to taste!


Looking to pair your Rockefeller with the perfect wine? Our in-house sommelier recommends a young chardonnay, not overly oaky but with a light balance of fruit and acidity to balance the parmesan crumb and chilli notes. Try the Shaw + Smith Chardonnay.

Get Social! Share a snap of your Rockefeller on Instagram to @themorrisonsydney using the tag #oysterfestival2016 to win a $50 bar tab!

International Burger Day


Suckling Pig


To burger, or not to burger?

As International Burger Day approaches, burger lovers across the globe salivate in anticipation at the thought of the ultimate cheat day feast. Burgers are the ultimate comfort food, a meal or a snack, any time of the year, eat in or takeaway, drinking a cold beer while watching the game. There’s no shortage of ways we burger enthusiasts love to enjoy our favourite food, but there’s no doubt that there is only one formula to create the best burger.
What makes a perfect burger you ask? We’ve broken down the 4 elements that when combined, are a burger lovers delight, using our Suckling Pig burger as an example:
There’s no doubt about it, the perfect burger starts with the bun! We don’t say Check Out Our Buns down in Parlour for nothing! A demi-brioche to be exact, the dough is made up of 2 parts buttery brioche and 1 part Turkish bread, and with subtle yeasty notes, this is the perfect foundation to start any burger stack.

Any burger worth sinking your chompers into should invest some serious flavour thoughts into the meat. Whether it’s dry-aged beef, succulent fried chicken or beer battered fish – it’s make or break if you ain’t got the goods!
For our Suckling Pig burger, we take cuts of suckling pig and carefully shred the meat. This is joined by slow cooked and shredded pork belly. The two cuts of meat are lovingly mixed together with generous amounts of chopped parsley and seasoning. The patties are then dusted in a southern fried coating of cayenne and onion powder, then deep fried to perfection.
To compliment the succulent flavours of the pig, a creamy garlic aioli is piped on to continue the stack.
Each to their own, but nothing balances out a burger like crunchy, fresh lettuce, thick slices of beef tomato and homemade pickles (not to mention it adds to your 5 a day!) – but for our suckling pig burger, we dial up the taste levels by adding our famous cabbage slaw. Finely sliced Chinese cabbage and red onion, tossed through a fresh and zingy chardonnay vinaigrette dressing, flaked sea salt and chives. Piled on top of the pig patty stack and then smothered in finely grated mountain of salty, pecorino cheese.
What to wash it all down with you ask? Why not try one of our incredible craft beers, honestly brewed by independent brewers around the country using the best quality wheat, hops and malt. To accompany our little piggy we recommend the Stone & Wood Pacific Ale from the boys in Byron Bay. Cloudy, golden in colour, full flavoured with crisp tropical fruit aromas.

In our dedicated burger bar, Parlour burger – we offer 6 delicious burgers created by chef Sean Connolly, as well as duck fat chips, battered onion rings, pickles and an iceberg wedge salad.

Steam Pot Thursdays

This year it’s going to get steamy, with the launch of Steam Pot night every Thursday throughout Crab Carnival. Starting on the 31st March, roll up your sleeves and have your crackers, hammers and bibs at the ready as you’re in for a flavour-packed treat. Prepare to get messy as these delicious crustaceans get tipped straight onto the table, with all hands in – as legs and shells are sent a flying! It’s so much fun you’ll get a little sideways!


Find out more about Crab Carnival 2016 here..



Sean’s Sirloin and Duck Fat Chips

Try Chef Sean Connolly’s steak & duck fat chips at home for a simple & delicious take on a classic dish

  • 4 portions Sirloin Steak On The Bone
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper for seasoning
  • For Perfect oven roasted chips
  • 2kg agria potatoes
  • 300g Sean Connolly Duck Fat
  • Table salt
For the steak
Take the steak out of the fridge and allow the steak to reach to room temperature. Season it very lightly with salt and heavily with pepper
Place griddle pan on a high heat. Once the griddle has reached the required temperature brush the steak with oil and place the steak in the pan
Cook for two minutes on both sides for a rare steak; three minutes for medium; and four minutes for well-done, increasing the timings depending on how you like your steak cooked. Remember: the thinner the steak, the less cooking time required.
Once cooked, leave the steak to rest on a warm plate in a warm place (such as a very low oven) for a few minutes so that the juices will settle evenly within the meat, while also allowing the meat to relax and become even more tender
Serve the steak with duck fat chips

For the duck fat chips

To make the perfect chip you need to start with the right potatoes. Agria potatoes work well but they do differ from brand to brand and with the time of the year, so try to buy some potatoes that are specifically labelled as a ‘chipping’ potato
Scrub the potatoes well to remove any dirt. Cut the potatoes into chips about 1.5cm thick. Rinse under cold water and drain.
Put the chips into a pot, cover with cold water and season with table salt. You should use 12g of salt per litre of water.
Bring to the boil and then simmer gently until the potatoes are almost cooked; check by removing a chip and bending it to break, it should not resist.
Very gently drain the chips and spread them out on a tray to allow them to steam off, and then leave to cool.
Once cooled, place in the fridge overnight so the chips can dry out. This will make them nice and fluffy in the centre and crunchy on the outside when cooked.
The following day: Heat the oven to 180°C. Place the duck fat in an oven tray and heat in the oven for 5 minutes.
Very carefully place the chips into the heated duck fat and place in the oven. Cook for 15 minutes then carefully turn the chips over and cook for another 15 minutes or until the chips are golden brown.
Carefully remove from the oven, drain, season with sea salt and serve. Save the duck fat as it can be used again.

Crab Steam Pots – a deep past

Seafood boils are a Louisiana tradition, and the mere mention of a steam pot immediately carries you away to the deep south. Shrimp, crab and crawfish have been popular heroes of the boil over the years, predominantly due to their abundance in the swamps and marshes of the area. The ease of obtaining this amazing array of shellfish meant that it quickly became a favourite amongst the early residents of the area.

Long before Europeans arrived, local tribes would try their hand at fishing by putting reeds baited with deer meat into the creeks and ponds to entice their prey. Over time, settlement along the bayous increased, particularly with the arrival of the Arcadians to the area. Bringing what is now referred to as Cajun influence with them, and their previous fishing experience meant that consuming seafood as a tradition continued, and the popular methods of enjoying crustaceans we know and love today were born.

Join us during Crab Carnival as we roll our sleeves up and get messy in celebration of the steam pot and all things crab. Every Thursday night during the carnival is Steam Pot night, so come in and get your bibs ready for a saucy meal you really get stuck into. It’s such cracking fun you’ll get a little sideways!

Sean’s Half-Famous Steak Tartare

It’s a foodie favourite across the ditch in New Zealand, so now it’s time for Sydney to discover Sean’s Half-Famous Steak Tartare. A new addition to our menu, it’s already proving a popular choice and well on its way to full fame status! Try it yourself at home:



80g Beef eye fillet, finely chopped

10g Shallots, finely diced

10g Pickles, finely diced

2g Italian parsley, chopped

1 Egg yolk

15g Dijon mustard

10g Capers, finely chopped

8g Yorkshire relish

1g Sweet smoked paprika

2ml Sean’s hot sauce

1g Flakey sea salt

10ml Extra virgin olive oil


Mix all ingredients apart from the olive oil. Spoon the mix onto a plate, drizzle with the olive oil. Serve with either crostini or lettuce boats.



Winter Comfort Food

The icy chill is well and truly here to stay, and we’ve all had our moment battling the CBD wind-tunnels with broken umbrellas by now. We’re making the season that much easier to take with our specially created winter menu and warm fireplace to curl up next to. If you haven’t been in yet to try to try our cold-busting clam chowder, the perfectly char-grilled pork chop, or a sweet favourite in our warn apple and blueberry pie, you’re missing out! Escape the winter weariness and recharge with us!