Spring Racing Styling @ The Morrison

Hot to Trot – Racing Fashion Tips

Spring racing is a wonderful celebration of the industries greatest horses, trainers and jockeys, just as the trees become greener and everyone’s overdosing on springtime sunshine. Although The Morrison isn’t track side, our annual Melbourne Cup event is the ultimate glamourous day out.  A chance to escape the office and indulge in the finer things in life such as sipping on Champagne with Oysters while watching the “King of Sports” live.

Embracing the traditional aspects of racing is part of the charm, and no matter your location on the 1st of November, we encourage you to celebrate this wonderful day in true racing style!


TIP: Follow the trends, but keep it classic! Although it’s tempting to buy the latest designer look, invest your money in a beautiful outfit that will work for any event, the 1950’s silhouette is always a winner and never goes out of style.
mor_fotf TIP: Bloomin’ lovely! There is no better time to enjoy wearing colour than throughout spring colour. Designers and milliners alike throw their creative love into creating bright and cheerful florals, inspiring contemporary patterns and bold colour blocking. Choose a palette you love (don’t be afraid to try something new) and highlight the look with accessories. Even the traditional black & white Derby Day can be livened up with a pop of orange in your clutch or earrings.
mor_fotf5TIP: Hat’s On, Hat’s off! Millinery is like the cherry on top of a perfect ice cream sundae, no race day look is complete without one. Avoid buying from high street stores (the mark up on price is unbelievable) as you will most definitely see at least 3 like it on the day. Instead work with one of the incredible Australian milliners who will hand-make a unique piece for you. They will advise the best shape to suit your face and work to your budget.
mor_fotf2TIP: Kick those feet up – but keep your shoes on! Be smart ladies, it’s a long day in those stilettos so choose wisely, break in your new heels in advance, or bring a pair of ballet pumps for later. But under no circumstances shall you leave an event barefoot!

TIP: A Gentleman Acts – let’s not forget that racing is also an opportunity for the boys to dust off the glad rags! After all, who doesn’t look smashing in a tailored slim fitted suit. Think hues of blue, Italian wool, brown leather brogues with a tie and pocket hanky to match the ladies outfit. And if you want to go the extra furlong – a personalised fountain pen to mark your tips in the racing form!

Our Melbourne Cup Lunch is set to be the biggest one yet, with a delicious 4-course luncheon, glass of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne on arrival and an after party to keep the good times going.

Don’t leave it to chance, book your table now!

All images used in this post are owned by Thoroughbred Events Australia – Fashions in the Field expert Sharon Lenton.

Build your dream team

The start of a new year.. new faces in the team, desk tetris, a sense of optimism for what the year holds.. or not.. Whatever the lay of the land, build a sense of morale in your team and kick off on the right foot!

Team building is key at this time of year, to ensure smooth sailing through the rough seas of the corporate calendar and success at every ebb and flow of the tide. There are plenty of options to help generate a sense of camaraderie amongst your troops and treat them to a fun-filled sojourn out of the seriousness of the office at the same time.

Cocktail masterclasses take only a small portion of a productive day, and allow for creativity and teamwork, all under the guise of a damn good time. Shake, muddle and strain up a storm to build the ultimate cocktail with colleagues!

Perhaps a relaxed long lunch would be more in order to provide a chilled-out setting for casual conversation amongst team members. A set menu or communal feast is a sure fire way of breaking the ice between colleagues whilst passing the carrots.

To really capitalise on cool cocktails and hot tunes, embrace the party vibes of a drinks evening. Have canapes passed around to keep the wolves from the door, or let people help themselves to share platters, either way the party is sure to kick on and provide much fuel for subsequent office gossip..


Whatever the perfect team-building scenario is, our Functions Manager can help put the perfect package together to make sure 2016 is set up to be the most productive year yet!

Top 5 Tips for Winter Functions

Winter may be here but the good times still need to roll, so we’ve put together our top ideas for how to beat the winter blues and get the party started. The cold weather brings a whole lot of new opportunities that can make your functions stand out from the rest!

1. Keep your guests warm and cosy this winter! Have your guests enter in style with a red carpet rolled out and gather round the fireplace under the stars in The Conservatory.

2. Consider a warm drink on arrival such as a glass of mulled wine which is a nice and simple idea to ensure your guests are kept warm and cheery

3. In winter, warmer, more wholesome canapés work better than they would served in the height of summer. Why not try our Black Widow, charcoal bun with ground beef & extra hot sauce or scrumptious Chilli Crab Linguine.

4. Have you considered a winter themed event? Nothing creates a magical winter theme better than turning the room into winter forest. Branches, twigs and blossoms create a dramatic effect and would be a perfect idea for The Conservatory. White florals and green foliage also work well to make the room look cool and crisp.

5. Remember it can get pretty cold and accessories will be important to keep you warm. For the ladies why not try a faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or a chic cardie are all good options. For the guys you can’t get more wintry than velvet, plus it’s a nice thick fabric which should keep you warm.

How to survive EOFY and impress your boss..

EOFY is pretty much here and besides all the “Its EOFYS” ads on TV being in our heads for the next 2 months, there are plenty of other things on our mind during this time.

The good news is – you’ve been sticking to a tight budget and now its tax return time and time for your boss to treat the office to a staff party to celebrate the end to another financial year.

If you have been put with the tiring task of planning your EOFY drinks or staff party, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how to survive this tricky part of the year and keep your boss happy (and maybe event get that promotion you’ve been pretending you don’t want):

  1. Stick to the budget– End of the financial year or beginning of a new one = not a great time to blow the entire annual budget on Cirque du Soleil for the staff party. In saying that, you can still have a unique experience with fabulous food and drinks that doesn’t make the accounting department want to retire at 25. Choose wisely with the more filling options from the menu and be aware of what you are offering on the bar tab. Beverage packages are also a great way to save some money.
  2. Be Creative– There is definitely nothing wrong with finger food and wine but why not go a bit further and make it an experience the whole office will remember! Whether it’s a cool theme, fun experience station (eg cocktail class) or a competition, you can certainly make your colleagues stay until 12am instead of going home to watch the news at 6.
    “Remember that staff party where Mr Thomson rode an elephant the entire night? Yeah Janet organised that one..”

Okay so maybe not that extreme…but you get the point!

  1. Relax– You have just come out from 12 hour work days and endless numbers, to the point where you close your eyes and all you can see is the matrix. This is now time for you to let loose a bit and have some fun. Your boss will notice your relaxed attitude and then when he sees the event you planned, he will be THAT much more impressed. Let the event organiser take care of things for you. All you really need to do is tell them what you want to do and they can help you achieve it. That’s what they are there for! Plus you definitely want to look like it’s no big deal and you can handle anything. Yep, ready for that promotion!

Not bragging or anything but The Morrison has some pretty fun and unique spaces for events. Not only that but we have a tonne of ideas to make every event different and tailored to your style.