History of Two-Up

Anzac Cookies, AC/DC + Two Pennies

Australia may be a young country, but it’s rich in culture and tradition – a nostalgic nod to the simple things in life and the commemoration of mateship during harder times.

This is never clearer than on ANZAC Day – known as the nation’s day of remembrance, where friends and family gather early in the morning to pay respect to the men and women who’ve served their country.

This is the day where the game two-up is legally allowed to be played – hotel pubs and bars across the country will clear some space in the room, and slowly but surely the excited sound of cheers and anticipation fills the air, someone will yell “Come in spinner!” and the clink of two pennies hitting the ground becomes a familiar sound of the day.

Thought to have originated from a game called Pitch & Toss (played with a single coin), two-up was played among the poorer English and Irish citizens in the 18th century, brought over by immigrants and convicts – spreading in popularity throughout the goldfields in the eastern colonies by the 1850’s. The game was played extensively by Australian soldiers during WWI and WWII from which came the tradition of it being played on Anzac Day.

Two-up famously was legalised in NSW and Victoria in the 1990’s, primarily being played in RSL’s and pubs on commemorative days such as Anzac Day. Queensland only legalised the game in 2012.

 The Morrison will be hosting two-up at its annual Anzac Day event on Tuesday 25th April – with doors opening from 8am, get in on the two-up action, a spin of the kip and good times all round!

Set to be a great day with a special Aussie themed menu, draught beer and classic Aussie rock – be sure to drop in and say hi! With a performance by the LLC Southern Cross pipe band, live DJ and a display of military vehicles for charity, there’ll be no shortage of fun to be had by all.

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Presidents Smoking Weed? What? Yep!

In honour of President’s Day in the US and the greatest men to lead the USA, one of our favourite online websites decided to dig a little deeper into who they really were.

Instead of talking about what bill they passed or what treaty they signed, they wanted to see which of them blazed. You will be shocked to find out which presidents smoked the bud. Here’s a couple that made the list:

Abraham Lincoln
Quotes (real and fake) about Lincoln enjoying hemp are all over the internet.
While there remains some debate as to whether Lincoln really sparked up, many resources point to yes.

George Bush
Bush publicly refused to answer the marijuana question.
He was later caught saying he refused to talk about it, “because I don’t want some little kid doing what I tried.”

Barack Obama
Even though he joked off many Americans wishes to legalize marijuana, Obama has been very open with his own marijuana smoking in the past, once saying:
“I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

George Washington
Apparently Washington routinely smoked marijuana to alleviate the pain from his ailing teeth.
Washington’s diary recounts his efforts to cultivate better and enhance his crops of marijuana.

This post was in no way intended to change your perception of the founding fathers of the USA.