Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

Cooking with The Morrison & Sean Connolly

While we’re on the Oyster Festival rollercoaster we thought it would be a fun to share one of our most popular dishes – the Oyster Rockefeller. Once considered a luxury, the humble oyster is widely enjoyed across the country in restaurants, served by the dozen on trays lined with crushed ice and rock salt. Or bought directly from the fish market so oyster lovers can enjoy these mollusc morsels at home, entertaining dinner party guests with their shucking skills while sipping on a glass of Champagne.

BalconyByronOysterFestivalMany oysters make much love… photos by @amytakessnaps

We encourage everyone to have a go at preparing oysters at home, there is nothing more satisfying than shucking your own fresh oyster, creating a zingy mignonette and serving on a bed of ice with lemon wedges. Some oyster enthusiasts prefer to eat theirs au naturale, savouring the delicate meat, taking note of the complex mineral tones and the salty liquor. But if you’re new to the oyster craze, or simply want to try something deliciously different, look no further than our Oysters Rockefeller

The Morrison/OystersRockefeller

Although the original recipe a closely guarded secret by the restaurant Antoine’s in New Orleans named after the richness of the sauce, here at The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room we’ve created our own version of this delightful dish and would love to share it with you to try at home.


2 handfuls fresh spinach leaves
1 bunch watercress, bottoms removed from stalks
1/2 bunch Chinese shallots, chopped
1 clove of garlic
180g unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
1 cup fresh breadcrumbs
1 splash of Pernod
1 teaspoon fennel seeds, ground
1 teaspoon hot sauce – Tabasco

24 fresh oysters, shucked, shells reserved
100g freshly grated Parmesan cheese

250g packet of rock salt


Preheat oven to 250°C, as high possible. 
In a food processor place the spinach, shallots, garlic and watercress.
Pulse the processor until all ingredients are finely chopped.
Throw in breadcrumbs, ground fennel, butter, Pernod and hot sauce.
Process and pulse until mixtures are blended and season the mix to taste.  

Sprinkle rock salt over a large baking sheet and arrange the shucked oysters on the salt. Carefully spoon the dressing over the oysters. Sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan and bake until golden brown on top.

Serve on a bed of salt with lemon wedges to taste!


Looking to pair your Rockefeller with the perfect wine? Our in-house sommelier recommends a young chardonnay, not overly oaky but with a light balance of fruit and acidity to balance the parmesan crumb and chilli notes. Try the Shaw + Smith Chardonnay.

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Oyster Festival @ The Morrison Bar

The Morrison’s annual Oyster Festival is back for its fourth year running and safe to say it’s better than ever!

Overseen by our Culinary Director Sean Connolly, we want to celebrate Australia’s great seafood producers, and celebrate we have. Ensuring there’s no shortage of mollusc morsels for oyster enthusiasts, our oyster themed menu has it all, from Oysters Rockefeller, to Southern Fried Oyster Tacos, Chowder and Chips and the infamous Carpetbag Steak.


Where to start?

Smack bang in the middle of our $5 Happy Hour in main bar, between 6-7pm every night of August we welcome you to dine on Sydney’s freshest oysters, at only $1 a pop! That’s right folks, the $1 Oyster Hour is back, so roll up those sleeves and tuck in to a bivalve bounty…

Bottoms Up!

We have an array of juicy drink offers available this month, why not pop a Piper-Heidsieck and enjoy its bouquet of springtime aromas of citrus, apple and pear while you slurp down a dozen juicy Smoky Bay pacifics? Available by the glass for $17 or bottle for $99.

Fancy yourself an expert? Test your knowledge and book a spot in our Champagne + Oyster Masterclass, on Tuesday 23rd August hosted by wine buff Ned Goodwin.
Tickets are $45 per person: bit.ly/champagnemasterclass


Whether you’re old fashioned or prefer it shaken and stirred, we have the perfect tipple for you: pre-batched cocktails by the bottle for only $18. A smoky sweet Old Fashioned with Lagavulin 8 or a classic Vodka Martini with Ciroc and a twist. Sit and sip from the bottle or pour over a glass of ice and add a peel twist.

Wine a little and pair your freshly shucked rock oysters with a trio of wines – the Ophalum Albarino, Crawford River Riesling and the Tyrrells Stevens Semillon are our recommendation. A 75ml glass of each for $25 is a delightful treat and an ideal way to start your night.

Celebrate Lagavulin’s 200th Anniversary and enjoy a complimentary whisky dropper when you order a dozen oysters!


We aren’t just passionate about supporting our local sustainable producers, but also our local designers. This Oyster Festival we invited design students, past and present, from the Whitehouse Institute of Design to create couture and homeware pieces to display in our Conservatory. Vote for your favourite piece and go into the draw to win a pearl necklace by Australian family owned jewellery company Linney’s (RRP $850). Vote here: http://bit.ly/OysterFestVoting

Whatever floats your boat we have it covered! So come on down and find a seat, our doors are always open…

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Shuck it to me!

Oyster Festival has taken Sydney by storm, so if you’re a mad mollusc fan and want to keep the dream alive beyond August, here’s how to easily shuck the little suckers at home:

1. Break the hinge and twist open

2. Detach the muscle from the top shell

3. Lift the top shell

4. Loosen the oyster



illustrations: Joe McKendry

Gold Band Oysters

We’ve got a hold of some incredibly rare and delicious oysters.. Available only during Spring, Gold Band oysters are a true treat!

“The Gold band Pacific Oyster is a rare form of colouring which happens one in every few hundred thousand oysters.
We have taken two of the Gold band oysters isolated them away from any other oyster in a hatchery and allowed to spawn naturally, by doing this we have produced a Gold band pedigree oyster.
E.g. Take a Man and a Woman with blue eyes mate them and all their off springs will have blue eyes
The oysters are then placed in pillow like baskets and laid in Little Swanport Tasmania. This environment produces high doses of algae due to the grassy seabed, and a small percentage of fresh water componite.
It’s because of this environment that the Gold band gets it’s grassy, nutty, sweet, creamy characteristics.”

Oyster Menu Specials!

Its the last week of the Oyster Festival which means its your last chance to try our Oyster Menu Specials!
Sean’s Oyster Omelette w spring onion ‘n’ coriander salad, lime & chilli vinaigrette has been a favourite this year.. As well as the Oyster Chowder!
Don’t miss out. Book now.

Meet Our Oyster Farmers!

John and Ben Ralston are 5th generation oyster farmers from Ralston Bros Oyster on the Clyde river in Batemans Bay – 4 hours south of Sydney. The Ralston family has over 140 years of oyster farming history and the boys have been taking boats out in the river since they could walk. “I remember dad giving me my first row boat and telling me I was only allowed to stay out the front of his shed. I would always sneak down the river only to be towed back to the shed by another passing oyster farmer “ – Ben Ralston

The Ralston Bros business has come a long way and we are lucky enough to be the first restaurant in Sydney to be buying both brands the Le Petit Waterfall Oyster and The Waterfall
Oyster. The Ralston brothers finish their oysters in a special ways to achieve an amazing flavour. The method used to finish their oysters is a family secret and we couldn’t sweet talk the brothers enough into spilling the beans. So you will have to come and try them for yourself! Ralston Bros Waterfall Oysters are finished in the freshest oceanic water that comes into the Clyde River giving a fresh crisp taste. And The Le Petit Waterfall Oysters are finished in the river where the fresh Clyde Mountain water mixes with the oceanic salt water to give a sweet creamy flavour.The Brothers have shown us their amazing family history and their brand shines through the Ralston Bros Oysters logo. This is a photo the boys took of their father driving down the river.