It’s swine and brine at The Morrison this October

PigFish at The Morrison


If you haven’t been living in a sea cave for the past few weeks, or indeed at the bottom of a trough, then you’ll know all about our PigFish menu!

Our Culinary Director Sean Connolly has crafted a bespoke menu that celebrates the perfect, symbiotic relationship between fish and bacon. We thought we’d share some of the dishes that have had us wriggling with excitement from our noses to our scales this month

Kingfish Bourgiugnon – The ultimate feast for two! This dish features the entire kingfish tail, oven baked in olive oil and served with a traditional bourgiugnon sauce (thick cut bacon, onion, mushrooms and red wine jus. Add a serve of mash or some fresh sourdough to mop up all the juices, and you’re onto a serious winner.

Wings n Tails – Not for the faint of heart, but a deliciously rewarding dish for the culinary curious. A fishermans basket like no other, sashimi grade snapper wings are southern fried, whilst pigs tails are slow cooked and then fried in panko crumbs. Lash a generous dollop of our house made salsa verde over the top for maximum lip smacking satisfaction.

Our Jarbonara – Carb lovers, listen up. We take house made pasta, guianciale (crispy fried pig cheek) with egg yolks, olive oil and creme fraiche… pile it into a jar and shake it up for you, at the table. Finely grated parmesan and salmon roe are draped over the top, ready for you to slurp your way to PigFish heaven.

PigFish is available until October 31st, be sure to snap up these dishes before they disappear.. because everything tastes better with bacon!


North vs South Dinner

North vs South Dinner 


Photography: Amy Kate Snaps

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room and Citibank proudly hosted our North vs. South Dinner on Wednesday 5th Of October; and it was the most delicious battle we’ve ever seen!

Our Culinary Director and Northerner Sean Connolly went head-to-head with MasterChef judge and Southerner Gary Mehigan in a best of British showdown. Guests enjoyed a three course feast with matched wines from McWilliams wines, along with plenty of on-point banter from Sean and Gary throughout the night!

Both sides showcased dishes that showcased the best of both regions, and the menu had mouths watering.

For entree, Gary presented new season asparagus, goats curd, candied walnuts and nasturtiums, whilst Sean presented ham terrine, piccalilli puree and crispy pigs ears. This was served alongside a Mount Pleasant Semillion 2014.


For mains, Sean served up roast beef and yorkshire pudding with horseradish cream and gravy, whilst Gary dished up roast free range chicken, sweet onion puree, fennel, pickled carrots and ‘heroes’garlic. We poured a Mount Pleasant ‘Mount Henry’Shiraz 2014 to wash down the mains, which were also served with Sean’s duck fat potatoes, Gary’s gratin potatoes with thick cream and Somerset cheddar. Guests also tucked into salt baked beetroot, toasted barley and watercress, plus Brussels sprouts on the side.


On to dessert! The lads took great care in plating and presenting their luscious desserts, attracting plenty of curious diners to our makeshift pass in the Conservatory Bar to take a quick snap and lick their lips in anticipation.

For dessert, Sean threw back to a childhood favourite with rhubarb and custard with a fat rascal. Gary followed a similar suit and his dessert of strawberries and cream with white chocolate mousse, gin steeped strawberries, lavender and meringue was a nostalgic nod to desserts past. Dessert was served alongside a Mount Pleasant 30 Year Old Limited Release Liqueur Verdelho.


We would like to extend the warmest thanks to Sean Connolly, Gary Mehigan, Citibank Australia, Good Food Month and Mount Williams Wines for their support in making one of our favourite events a possibility!

Introducing the Demi-Brioche

The perfect burger bun is a divisive topic at the best of times, but we think we’ve found it. Our mate Keith at fuel bakery has dived head first into his flour bags and kneaded up a storm to come up with what may be the ideal vehicle for the juicy innards of even the best of the burger world.

Just on the right side of dense, and less sweet and rich than the traditional brioche, Keith’s demi-brioche is a mix of turkish and brioche, striking a happy medium between the two whilst retaining a light crumb.

Come in and see how it handles our dry aged beef burger or the new suckling pig burger! We think you”ll be impressed.

Event Organisers…Welcome to 2016…. This one is for you….

Whether you are an organiser or planner at heart, when it comes to events you are always going to need as much help as possible. Enter our Events Team – your framework for success.

Come in for a site inspection today to meet our functions manager Larissa who will get you inspired!

Book your exclusive function with us for January and February 2016 and you will be the one celebrating with a complimentary Magnum bottle of bubbles.

Sean’s Half Famous Steak Tartare

It’s a foodie favourite across the ditch in New Zealand, so now it’s time for Sydney to discover Sean’s Half-Famous Steak Tartare. A new addition to our menu, it’s already proving a popular choice and well on its way to full fame status! Try it yourself at home:

80g beef eye fillet, finely chopped
10g shallots, finely diced
10g pickles, finely diced
2g Italian parsley, chopped
1 egg yolk
15g Dijon mustard
10g capers, finely chopped
8g Yorkshire relish
1g sweet smoked paprika
2ml Sean’s hot sauce
1g flaky sea salt
10ml extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients apart from the olive oil. Spoon the mix onto a plate, drizzle with the olive oil. Serve with either crostini or lettuce boats.

Deconstructing the Double Dirty

All burger fans would agree, bigger is always better! There’s nothing worse than tucking into that juicy, cheesy two-hander, only to hoover up the last bite and have hunger pangs still kicking in. But the solution has arrived. There’s a new addition to the Parlour Burger menu to help hungry hamburger hounds, the Dirty Burger has gone large! You can now double up your Parlour Burger favourite and enjoy twice as much of that juicy dry-aged beef and cheesy beer sauce. But what goes into the Double Dirty to make it such a winner? It’s time to delve deeper into this dirty delight!
The perfect Double Dirty starts with the meat. Dry-aged beef from the Riverina region of NSW is blended with prime cuts, so that the nutty, buttery flavour of aged beef still shines through. Burgers made with aged meat are making big in-roads into the New York burger scene, and the power of a bit of aged funk in a patty is now something sought out by burger fiends. Luckily, the Double Dirty has two of these beefy beauties to wrap your laughing gear around.
Next, the cheesy beer sauce. If cheese maketh the burger, this devilish combo is the pièce de résistance of all that is Double Dirty. Crisp, dry lager, tasty cheese, and a bevy of mustards and spices are blended into a cheese lover’s dream, and top the dry aged beef patties like an oozy, golden crown.
A burger wouldn’t be complete without pickles, and when it comes to pickles, there’s nothing better than homemade. Sean Connolly spices things up with tumeric, mustard seeds, star anise and peppercorns amongst others in his arsenal of dried and ground flavour-makers, ensuring the pickles pop. Streaky bacon is the final feature, sitting between the buttery meat patties and adding a sliver of saltiness to the burger mix. And so, the filling of the Double Dirty is complete.
But what vehicle to strap the meaty, cheesy treat into, to drive this burger to even greater heights? It could be nothing but a soft brioche bun. The enriched, milky crumb holding the filling together with finesse, allowing the flavours to fuse and letting you devour this delicious decadence at it’s dirty best.
The Double Dirty is available dine-in or takeaway at Parlour Burger now!

Christmas Party top tips

  1. Start Early: Start as early as possible as there will be waiting time on responses from guests plus the earlier the start the more chance of securing the preferred venue and entertainment.


  1. Set the Date: At the Christmas party, you’ll want as many employees to show up as possible. Again, start early and spread the word. Send out a mass email with some suggested dates and pick the date that fits with the majority. Make sure it’s a date that fits with the boss.


  1. The Budget: Find out what kind of budget it is and this will set out everything from the kind of venue to what you can serve. Ask the boss for a quote and stick to it. If it’s a more formal get together at a fancy venue then it’s not out of the question to get the employees to chip in, within reason of course. Just make sure it’s something everyone can afford.


  1. Find a Venue:Again, the earlier find the venue, the better. Every corporate office will be planning similar Christmas party all at the same time, so begin early to secure a preferred destination.


Budget will pretty much decide what kind of venue to get, whether it’s a fancy restaurant, hall or even in the office.


  1. The Menu: This part is relatively easy the venue is a restaurant, if not hire a caterer to plan the menu and know everyone’s dietary needs, ensuring everyone has something to eat.


For a more formal sit down meal rather than a buffet or cocktail style event, it’s a good idea to have some kind of seating arrangement. Mix it up and get people to mingle with others as well as making them feel comfortable with members of their own team.


  1. Alcohol:Some company Christmas parties go entirely without alcohol these days, ensuring a happy and safe environment, however if serving alcohol, plan in advance what will be served and how it will be paid for.


Budget will decide if it’s a free bar or cash only bar. It’s a great idea and a nice touch to offer taxi vouchers to those drinking to ensure everyone stays safe.

Fun oyster facts

Study up and be ready for that next trivia night!

1. There are over 50 species of oyster but only 5 are eaten, 3 of which are produced in Australia – Pacific, Sydney Rock and Angasi.

2. New South Wales produces over 70 million oysters annually. In 2014, thee Morrison shucked over 50,000 oysters during Oyster Festival alone!

3. Eating 4 oysters per day gives you a complete daily supply of copper, iodine, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.

4. It is said that Casanova, the great 18th century Italian lover, believed in starting the day by eating 50 oysters.

Introducing the Black Dog!

Our own Sean Connolly has teamed up with The Black Dog Institute to create the ‘Black Dog’, aimed to raise funds and awareness of the charity.

The Black Dog, a uniquely designed hot dog by Sean is made from a blood sausage, placed inside a charcoal bun.  Sean was inspired by Essex-born and Denmark-based chef Paul Cunningham and his ‘Black Dog Project.

The Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit organisation and world leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder. The Institute is also at the forefront of suicide prevention and e-health tools and treatments. The Morrison will donate $3 from each Black Dog sold at the Parlour Burger to support the Institute’s work.

“The Black Dog Institute is a charity that is close to my heart. It was chosen because I have lost friends to depression and I want to give something back to the Institute that looks after our family and friends” says Sean Connolly.

The Black Dog will cost $11 each and will be available at the Parlour Burger from August