Captain Barnacle Is Here!

It’s finally here, the long awaited oyster stout CAPTAIN BARNACLE! A limited edition specialty brew made with our friends from Young Henrys in order to celebrate our 6th annual Oyster Festival this month (1st – 31st August). Dark & mysterious with a light brown head reminiscent of churning sea foam, this stout takes you straight to the seaside with a nose of salt & all things aquatic. Brewed with 40 oysters, the marine character follows you through to the palate, where the roasted malts take over & carry you back to land for a crisp, dry finish. Best served on a 19th century clipper on a rolling sea.

So naturally we asked the questions for you on how to make such a delicious brew plus they put together a super cute short video around the brew process with our Executive Chef & Co -Founder Sean Connolly >>> watch hereCaptain barnacle is here. A specialty brew by our friends at Young henrys

How do you make an Oyster Stout?

An oyster stout is brewed using a mix of pale and roasted malts, a dark roast ‘chocolate’ malt and oats. The pale malts are the largest part of the recipe and are used as the backbone of the beer. They are also responsible for most of the alcohol production. The roasted barley and chocolate malts create the lovely dark colour, the un-fermentable residual sweetness, some malt astringency and bitterness while the oats give a silky, luxurious mouth feel. The oysters are added to the boil to give some salinity and umami characteristics to balance out the sweet, dark, chocolatey malts. Umami and salinity are two flavour elements not usually found in beer. Warrior and Sorachi Ace hops are added in the kettle and whirlpool to create hop bitterness, some vegetal/grassy spice notes and to give a slight zest on the palate.

How do you introduce Oyster flavours into a beer?

Any good recipe, be it for beer or food, is about a balance and harmony of flavours. Adding oysters to a dark beer is to add complexity and nuance to an already full and rich product. It’s not unlike adding salt to caramel to push the interplay between sweet and savoury.

What made you think of doing this collaboration?

Beers and oysters are two things that we are incredibly passionate about. Summer is all about chilled seafood and cold beers on any afternoon you can. This stout was our way of doing a wintery version of that classic Australian summer experience.

What other brew does it remind you of?

Think a Young’s Chocolate Stout… but all grown up, a little more complex and served by the seaside. Best paired with your favourite oysters for a complimentary match or an Australian Brie as the fatty, rich butteriness of the cheese sits against the complex, malty dark beer really nicely.


This limited edition OYSTER STOUT is available exclusively to The Morrison for one month only. Join us for a shucking good time throughout Oyster Festival.

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