DIY Bastille Day Celebrations

Bastille Day is fast approaching so naturally we are researching all things french & wishing we could be transported to Europe with all our fellow friends & family currently experiencing the “European Summer” dream in full force. But, hey at least our money pocket will be a lot deeper. Sooooo we thought why not bring some of that Paris loving right to your doorstep.

For six day only we will serving up a delicious single course dining experience, AMOUR FITES. At $24 per person you’ll receive our Steak-frites, café de paris dish, more specifically including an angus sirloin minute steak, bistro butter & BOTTOMLESS shoestring fries. Love Fries? Yes. Great!

Our steak-frites will be complemented by our classic french cocktail of choice the Kir Royale. This cocktail is for everyone, it’s perfect simplicity makes anyone look like a superstar bartender so naturally it would be rude if we didn’t share the easy steps.Join us in our Bastille Day Celebrations with a kir royale cocktailStep 1: Rally up all your french mates & family for a celebration. Even if they aren’t french but still appreciate a great croissant or macaroon. They are in!

Step 2: Orangise the three key ingredients. Firstly, source any type of berry that is in season or that you prefer below are a few examples including raspberries, strawberries & blueberries. Blackberries are also an option but very dare at curtain points throughout the year. Secondly, you will need Creme de Cassis & french champagne or sparkling wine of your choice.Join our bastille day celebrations with a kir royale cocktaillStep 3: Drop your berries of choice into the champagne flute.

Step 4: Pour 15ml of the Creme de Cassis into the bottom of the glass over the beeries.

Step 5: Top up the rest of the glass with 120ml of the sparkling/champagne of choice.Join us for Bastille Day celebrations with a kir royale cocktail.Step 6: To garnish, find a mental or bamboo skewer & line with your berries of choice.

Step 7: Don’t forget to cheers your fell french lovers & enjoy!Join us for Bastille Day celebrations with a kir royale cocktail. Join us between Saturday 14th until Thursday 19th July for a one of a kind steak-frites experience.


Please note that bookings are essential to claim this offer & we promote the responsible service of frites so please don’t be cheeky & ruin it for everyone. All bookings will have a an hour & a half seating time.