Build your dream team

The start of a new year.. new faces in the team, desk tetris, a sense of optimism for what the year holds.. or not.. Whatever the lay of the land, build a sense of morale in your team and kick off on the right foot!

Team building is key at this time of year, to ensure smooth sailing through the rough seas of the corporate calendar and success at every ebb and flow of the tide. There are plenty of options to help generate a sense of camaraderie amongst your troops and treat them to a fun-filled sojourn out of the seriousness of the office at the same time.

Cocktail masterclasses take only a small portion of a productive day, and allow for creativity and teamwork, all under the guise of a damn good time. Shake, muddle and strain up a storm to build the ultimate cocktail with colleagues!

Perhaps a relaxed long lunch would be more in order to provide a chilled-out setting for casual conversation amongst team members. A set menu or communal feast is a sure fire way of breaking the ice between colleagues whilst passing the carrots.

To really capitalise on cool cocktails and hot tunes, embrace the party vibes of a drinks evening. Have canapes passed around to keep the wolves from the door, or let people help themselves to share platters, either way the party is sure to kick on and provide much fuel for subsequent office gossip..


Whatever the perfect team-building scenario is, our Functions Manager can help put the perfect package together to make sure 2016 is set up to be the most productive year yet!