A Christmas Recipe

Ahhh Christmas…


A spray of mistletoe, the pop of a champagne cork, the scent of pine needles and the sizzle of prawns – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of the festive season and the nostalgic sensations that come with it.


If you’re looking for the secret to throwing a successful end of year event, we’ve knocked our heads together and have listed our key ingredients for our Christmas celebratory pie!

Bon Bons + Bubbles


From the flimsy paper hat to the plastic whistle and tiny deck of cards – bon bons put the bang (literally) into any Christmas celebration. Your competitive streak exposed, crushing the festive spirit into your end of the cracker so you beat your younger sibling and get ALL the prizes… We recommend deluxe crackers by Drinks by the Dram which contain mini bottles of gin or whisky. You’re welcome.


Now we’re officially adults, non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice just doesn’t cut it anymore. From Italian Prosecco, French Champagne to a Hunter Valley sparkling – there is nothing more indulgent than starting your Christmas celebration with  flute of bubbly. We like to add a curl of orange peel and a sprig of fresh thyme to feel extra spesh!

Oysters + Tunes


Being an oyster bar, we think our oysters “rock” the party! Freshly shucked and served natural, with those tasty salty mineral notes – chef Sean Connolly refers to them as an affordable luxury. Lift your party-game and treat your guests to a dozen ‘lil pearlers, available from your local fish monger or Sydney Fish Markets. Be quick though, these are hot property this Christmas so place a preorder ASAP!


To round off an excellent party of any kind, you need some serious tunes – before you groan and start shortlisting carols you used to sing at final school assembly in year 7, we’re talking about Reddit’s Guaranteed Party Starter playlist on Spotify: from Toto’s Africa, to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Outkast’s Hey Ya – we can’t promise all lyrics will be sung with 100% accuracy, but there will good times and dodgy dance moves for sure.


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