Crab Steam Pots – a deep past

Seafood boils are a Louisiana tradition, and the mere mention of a steam pot immediately carries you away to the deep south. Shrimp, crab and crawfish have been popular heroes of the boil over the years, predominantly due to their abundance in the swamps and marshes of the area. The ease of obtaining this amazing array of shellfish meant that it quickly became a favourite amongst the early residents of the area.

Long before Europeans arrived, local tribes would try their hand at fishing by putting reeds baited with deer meat into the creeks and ponds to entice their prey. Over time, settlement along the bayous increased, particularly with the arrival of the Arcadians to the area. Bringing what is now referred to as Cajun influence with them, and their previous fishing experience meant that consuming seafood as a tradition continued, and the popular methods of enjoying crustaceans we know and love today were born.

Join us during Crab Carnival as we roll our sleeves up and get messy in celebration of the steam pot and all things crab. Every Thursday night during the carnival is Steam Pot night, so come in and get your bibs ready for a saucy meal you really get stuck into. It’s such cracking fun you’ll get a little sideways!