The not-so-catchy ‘$1.50 Oyster Hour’

We know it shucks (excuse the pun) and we’re actually feeling a little anxious about telling you but as of Wednesday we’ll be welcoming you to celebrate our briny bivalves at $1.50 a shuck as we say farewell to our $1 Oyster Hour.

Yes, we know it’s not as catchy and it doesn’t have quite the same ring but we’ve been putting it off for a while and it can’t be avoided much longer. We would never do such a thing without a valid reason. And, as honesty is always the best policy, we wanted to share with you the reason why we’ve had to make this change.

We’ve been dishing out our slippery friends at $1 a piece between the hours of 6 and 7pm every Wednesday since 2012, and it’s been a tasty 6 years. We launched the special so we could share our passion for freshly shucked oysters with Sydney and we still have every intention of doing so. But simply put, oysters just aren’t as cheap anymore and here’s why.

Our price increase and why we’ve done it

In January 2016 a virus called Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) was detected in Tasmania’s waterways. The disease, which is completely harmless to humans, is fatal to a Pacific oyster and quickly wiped out an entire generation of the region’s baby Pacific’s. As well as causing major social and economic damage to the Tasmanian oyster industry and its farmers, the outbreak limited the amount of Pacific oysters available to us in NSW.

This, along with the consequential rise in the demand for Sydney Rock oysters, led to a 30-40% increase in prices. And as it takes 3-4 years to produce our much-loved oyster, we’re still a little way from recovery.

We’re truly committed to share our passion for fresh seafood with Sydney. Our dedication to serving good quality produce does come at a cost and we will continue to support our farmers and suppliers with fair prices.

Australia’s best oysters for $1.50 a shuck!

Hopefully, you’ll be able to look past the not-so-catchy tag-line and join us in our support and celebration of our slippery friends at The Morrison $1.50 Oyster Hour, every Wednesday, 6-7pm.

Cheers, Team Morrison.