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With oysters taking centre stage at the venue, only the freshest, sustainably sourced oysters will do. We entrust Frank Theodore of De Costi Seafoods to secure the most delectable mollusc morsels for your slippery slurping satisfaction. De Costi proudly offers oysters sourced from 20 regions of National Park environments across Australia – grown by generations of farmers in pristine waters.

Everyday The Morrison shucks hundreds of oysters, from farm to table these ‘lil pearlers are the oceans gift and for avid seafood lovers there is nothing better than slurping back a fresh oyster and its liquor…

With Australia’s oyster farmers producing some of the best in the world (the Tathra region in NSW winning awards year on year), it’s our duty to celebrate and educate our guests on the mysteries of the mollusc.

Sydney Rock Oyster


Although branded as “Sydney Rock” these oysters are not confined to Sydney, growing inter-tidally along NSW and lower QLD coast line, in bays, estuaries and lakes. With rich mineral flavours often with vegetal creamy notes. What is amazing about these oysters is the habitat they grow in, the plant vegetation heavily influencing the algae the oysters feed on, giving those layers of flavours and complexities that are completely unique to Australia flora and terrior.

Morrison Rock Oyster

Pacific Oysters


Originally brought to Australia from Japan in the 1930s, Pacific oysters are grown sub-tidally where they roll in the motion of the ocean, creating the characteristic deep round shell. The flesh is a steely grey or white, tasting classically fresh, salty and meaty.

Freshly shucked Pacific Oysters on ice, with lemon

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