Something to Say About Salads

Our new menu features some leafy additions that are bold, mighty and oh so satisfying!

We’ve always had a passion for salads here at The Morrison. The recipes are always true to our motto – the best ingredients done simply. And it doesn’t get simpler than a salad. Few other dishes demand the same level of freshness in their ingredients and when it comes to salads, Chef Sean Connolly believes BIGGER is most definitely BETTER.

Let’s take a look at Sean’s glorious gallery of salads that have made their debut on our new menu just in time for Spring!

Soho Farm House Salad

Soho Farm House Salad

Just like Soho Farmhouse, this salad is rustic and chic with an air of approachable exclusivity. Featuring will studd barrel fermented feta, beef steak tomato, sun-dried Moroccan olives, thyme, cucumber & sherry vinegar – you’ll be taken on a journey to the Oxfordshire countryside with every pleasant mouthful.


Split Roast Chicken Salad

The Morrison Split Roast Chicken Salad

Hearty yet refreshing. Nutritious yet exciting. This generous bowl of goodness is a truly satisfying meal to cure that common concern with salads – they won’t be ‘big enough’. Served with wedge salad, buttermilk dressing & parmesan; pair this salad with a glass of Sémillon and we can guarantee that you’ll be one happy diner.


Vegan Falafel Bowl

Vegan Falafel Bowl

Vegan (even vegetarian) meals can be intimidating to meat eaters, but this bold and flavourful bowl takes your expectations from ‘it’s okay for a vegan dish’ to ‘my go to meal!’. Full of Yemeni-style flavour boosters; hummus, cauliflower tabouli, pickles, herbs & crisp chickpeas. This salad will surely leave anyone with any dietary requirement, left craving it for weeks.


‘Don’t Call Me Caesar’ Bacon & Egg Salad

The almighty Caesar salad, commonly thought to be named after Julius Caesar, is actually the brain child of Italian chef, Caesar Cardini. People would travel far and wide to taste his delicious invention in his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. We’re paying tribute to Cardini and his masterpiece with Chef Sean Connolly’s deconstructed version of a Caesar salad. Enjoy fried hen’s eggs, crispy bacon, cos leaf, soft herbs and chardonnay balsamic served with a crispy side of duck fat fried bread. ‘Veni, vidi, vici!’


Enough talk. Let’s make a date to fill your plate with one of our BIGGER, BETTER salads. We can’t wait for you to try them!