Gold Band Oysters

We’ve got a hold of some incredibly rare and delicious oysters.. Available only during Spring, Gold Band oysters are a true treat!

“The Gold band Pacific Oyster is a rare form of colouring which happens one in every few hundred thousand oysters.
We have taken two of the Gold band oysters isolated them away from any other oyster in a hatchery and allowed to spawn naturally, by doing this we have produced a Gold band pedigree oyster.
E.g. Take a Man and a Woman with blue eyes mate them and all their off springs will have blue eyes
The oysters are then placed in pillow like baskets and laid in Little Swanport Tasmania. This environment produces high doses of algae due to the grassy seabed, and a small percentage of fresh water componite.
It’s because of this environment that the Gold band gets it’s grassy, nutty, sweet, creamy characteristics.”