International Burger Day


Suckling Pig


To burger, or not to burger?

As International Burger Day approaches, burger lovers across the globe salivate in anticipation at the thought of the ultimate cheat day feast. Burgers are the ultimate comfort food, a meal or a snack, any time of the year, eat in or takeaway, drinking a cold beer while watching the game. There’s no shortage of ways we burger enthusiasts love to enjoy our favourite food, but there’s no doubt that there is only one formula to create the best burger.
What makes a perfect burger you ask? We’ve broken down the 4 elements that when combined, are a burger lovers delight, using our Suckling Pig burger as an example:
There’s no doubt about it, the perfect burger starts with the bun! We don’t say Check Out Our Buns down in Parlour for nothing! A demi-brioche to be exact, the dough is made up of 2 parts buttery brioche and 1 part Turkish bread, and with subtle yeasty notes, this is the perfect foundation to start any burger stack.

Any burger worth sinking your chompers into should invest some serious flavour thoughts into the meat. Whether it’s dry-aged beef, succulent fried chicken or beer battered fish – it’s make or break if you ain’t got the goods!
For our Suckling Pig burger, we take cuts of suckling pig and carefully shred the meat. This is joined by slow cooked and shredded pork belly. The two cuts of meat are lovingly mixed together with generous amounts of chopped parsley and seasoning. The patties are then dusted in a southern fried coating of cayenne and onion powder, then deep fried to perfection.
To compliment the succulent flavours of the pig, a creamy garlic aioli is piped on to continue the stack.
Each to their own, but nothing balances out a burger like crunchy, fresh lettuce, thick slices of beef tomato and homemade pickles (not to mention it adds to your 5 a day!) – but for our suckling pig burger, we dial up the taste levels by adding our famous cabbage slaw. Finely sliced Chinese cabbage and red onion, tossed through a fresh and zingy chardonnay vinaigrette dressing, flaked sea salt and chives. Piled on top of the pig patty stack and then smothered in finely grated mountain of salty, pecorino cheese.
What to wash it all down with you ask? Why not try one of our incredible craft beers, honestly brewed by independent brewers around the country using the best quality wheat, hops and malt. To accompany our little piggy we recommend the Stone & Wood Pacific Ale from the boys in Byron Bay. Cloudy, golden in colour, full flavoured with crisp tropical fruit aromas.

In our dedicated burger bar, Parlour burger – we offer 6 delicious burgers created by chef Sean Connolly, as well as duck fat chips, battered onion rings, pickles and an iceberg wedge salad.