Your guide to getting shucked in Sydney CBD

The Morrison has been shucking oysters for over eight years with unmatched knowledge and experience. In this time we like to think we have become experts of preparing, selecting, and enjoying oysters. To save you the time and research into oysters, we have collated a basic guide so you can shuck your oysters as soon as possible!

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Fresh Oysters on plate

South Australia

Coffin Bay in SA is located 680KM west of Adelaide. This classic South Australian oyster has been compared to a salty ocean wave breaking into sweet mineral after tones. 

Port Douglas SA is located 700KM West of Adelaide; these oysters are round and smooth with a salty finish. 

Single Oyster on Newspaper


Bruny Island TAS is an island just off the coast of Hobart. A prime example of Mother Nature creating something so delicate from an environment so harsh; cold and clean.

Little Swanport is located in east Tasmania and hour South of Freycinet; the oysters have a full creamy feel with a strong saline bite revealing light vegetal notes. Every spring Little Swanport produces Gold Band Oysters, which are a unique pedigree oyster. Did you know the unique environments these oysters are grown in give them grassy, nutty, sweet and creamy characteristics, which are not like any other oyster.

Gold Band Oysters        Gold Band Oysters

New South Whales 

Merimbula is located at the bottom of the NSW coast; just above Eden and 500KM south of Sydney these oysters have a rich full flavour with a smooth iodine finish. 

Wallis Lake NSW is located just below Forster and roughly 150KM North of Newcastle. The oysters are full, rich, round and long with creamy vegetal characteristics and a dry finish. 

Pambula is located at the bottom of the NSW coast just 10 minutes under Merimbula. A clean saline front palate with a creamy mineral finish.

Fresh Oysters with Lemon

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